On-Demand Webinar

Combat Critical Cloud Vulnerabilities


Cloud and containers are being adopted by a broad set of organizations as they try to maintain a competitive advantage. In our recent Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report, we found that 75% of containers in the cloud have vulnerabilities! Security and capacity planning are ever-present obstacles to running a well-tuned and more secure environment, no matter where you are in your journey. We identified critical insights and best practices, based on real-time data from billions of containers living in multiple clouds, and we’re eager to share. Join us to evaluate the maturity of your cloud-native infrastructure.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The latest trends in container and Kubernetes adoption
  • Whether shifting security left is really working
  • Why so many vulnerabilities make it to production
  • Best practices for improving your security posture


  • Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership, Sysdig 
  • Aaron Newcomb, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig