On-Demand Webinar

FIND, FOCUS, and FIX the Cloud Threats that Matter Solutions Forum


Accenture, AWS, Expel, Snyk, and Sysdig Join SANS to Share Insights

As you move to the cloud, your security teams often feel a loss of control in this new world. Traditional tools and processes don’t work and visibility is fragmented, even more so across multi-cloud infrastructure. How do you identify and prioritize the “real” risks in the cloud? Getting security right starts with a first-principles approach to finding, focusing, and fixing risks across cloud and containers. Join Sysdig, who’s driving the standard for cloud and container security, alongside other industry experts, customers, and partners – for an insightful exchange of cloud security best practices, tips, and recommendations.

You’ll learn:

  • How innovative organizations eliminate blind spots and prioritize what matters
  • The benefits of leveraging Falco as the open standard for runtime threat detection and cloud security monitoring
  • Key considerations when implementing cloud security from source to run


Jake Williams, SANS; Knox Anderson, Sysdig; Jim Armstrong, Snyk; Anna Belak, Sysdig; Sam Brown, Expel; Eric Carter, Sysdig; John T. Forman, Accenture; Mike Isbitski, Sysdig; Patrick McDowell, AWS; Janet Matsuda, Sysdig; Pawan Shankar, Sysdig