On-Demand Webinar

Finding Suspicious Events with AWS CloudTrail: Fundamentals and Best Practices


You see the headlines, and think, “thank goodness it wasn’t us”. An overly permissive web server exposes 100 million+ consumer credit applications in an S3 bucket, leaving hundreds of millions of user records open to the public.

AWS CloudTrail records every administrative action and configuration change in your AWS account, but CloudTrail does not prioritize events based on threats.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Overview of the threat matrix landscape
  • Impact of Suspicious Events within an organization
  • CloudTrail as the trusted point of record
  • Configuration-based threats – Defined
  • Continuous Cloud security monitoring vs traditional CSPM concepts
  • Detecting and responding to threats using Sysdig Secure


Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership, Sysdig; Brett Wolmarans, Technical Marketing Manager, Sysdig; Faisal Pias, Partner Solution Architect AWS