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Cloud Native eBPF Day | May 16

Sysdig, along with CNCF and other Diamond sponsors, are excited to host the second ever Cloud Native eBPF Day!

13:30 – 14:00
Falco & eBPF: Is the only Limit the Sky?
Speakers : Federico Di Pierro, Sysdig & Andrea Terzolo, Politecnico di Torino

Federico Di Pierro
Andrea Terzolo

16:00 – 16:40
Panel | Klustered: eBPF Edition
Speaker : Loris Degioanni, Sysdig

Loris Degioanni

Cloud Native Security Conference | May 16 - 17

Want to level up your Cloud Native skills? Visit our Cloud Native learning hub- it’s fully-loaded with best practices, compliance, and security insights.

09:20 – 09:25
Why Wait? Find Cloud Risks and Threats in Real Time with Stream Detection
Speaker : Loris Degioanni, Sysdig

Loris Degioanni

15:35 – 16:05
Vanquishing Vulnerabilities in Valencia
Speakers : Alba Ferri Fitó, Sysdig & Eric Smalling, Synk

Alba Ferri Fitó
Eric Smalling

Prometheus Day | May 17

Sysdig is proud to be a Gold Sponsor

Sysdig is an active contributor to the Prometheus project and our monitoring product, Sysdig Monitor, offers full Prometheus compatibility with greater scale and long term retention.

Prometheus Day Europe 2022

You won’t want to miss our team’s lighting talks

David de Torres, Manager of Engineering, Sysdig

Easy anomaly Detection with PromQL

16:24 - 16:29

David de Torres Huerta, Sysdig

David Lorite

Monitoring Counter Strike Global offensive with Prom

16:40 - 16:45

David Lorite, Sysdig

Join our virtual office hours!

Attendees of the office hours will be entered into a drawing to win a Sonos Bluetooth Speaker!Sonos Bluetooth Speaker

Tuesday, May 17

10:30AM CET Add to Calendar
Kubernetes Security Best Practices: Forensics & Incident Response

Denis Maligin, SE Manager, EMEA Central, Sysdig

Denis Maligin, SE Manager, EMEA Central, Sysdig

Conducting forensics and incident response for containers and K8s helps you better understand security breaches, meet compliance requirements and recover quickly. Learn best practices to streamline your incident response workflow in container and K8s environments.

Wednesday, May 18

10:30AM CET Add to Calendar
Kubernetes Security Best Practices: Image Builds and Container Execution

Alvaro Iradier Muro, Product Analyst

Alvaro Iradier Muro, Product Analyst

Join us as we discuss the top security best practices for image builds and container execution. Learn how you can prevent security issues and optimize containerized applications.

1:00PM CET Add to Calendar
Troubleshoot Kubernetes Infrastructure

Harry Perks, Product Manager, Sysdig

Harry Perks, Product Manager, Sysdig

Sysdig Monitor Advisor provides administrators and developers an easy way to get visibility into the health and status of their Kubernetes clusters and workloads. Gain the ability to quickly understand cluster capacity, resourcing issues, workload states, all the way down to deep process, network, file, and http telemetry. Advisor’s advanced troubleshooting capabilities help administrators prevent and solve problems quickly.

11:30AM CET Add to Calendar
Kubernetes Capacity Planning

Carlos Arilla, Technical Product Manager

Carlos Arilla, Technical Product Manager

Kubernetes capacity planning is one of the main challenges infrastructure engineers have to face. Join us to learn how to identify unused resources and how to rightsize the capacity of your cluster.

2:00PM CET Add to Calendar
Extend Falco with Plugins: Trigger Alerts with any Stream of Events

Daniel Lemos, Senior Technical Account Engineer, Sysdig

Daniel Lemos, Senior Technical Account Engineer, Sysdig

Falco is the de facto Runtime Security agent for Kubernetes environments, by capturing syscalls it can see everything at Kernel level. With its’ new Plugin system, you can now apply the logic of rules to any event stream you need.

12:30PM CET Add to Calendar
Guide to 100% Secure Cloud-Native Apps

Chris Kranz, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager

Chris Kranz, Director of Technical Enablement

A light-hearted look at securing your cloud-native applications. We’ll cover how to ensure your developers never create insecure or vulnerable code, how to enable complete zero trust, and most importantly, how to guarantee 100% security of your cloud-native applications.

3:30PM CET Add to Calendar
State of Container and Kubernetes Security

Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership, Sysdig

Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership, Sysdig

Containers and Kuberentes are pretty much mainstream now, but securing them is still a struggle. Real-world container usage data shows that we’re still unsuccessful in shifting left and adopting other best practices. What should technical teams and business leaders do to derive business value from modern technology without exposing themselves to unnecessary security risks?

Strengthen Security with Open-Source

We built Sysdig Secure on an open-source stack to accelerate innovation and drive standardization.

Falco >

Falco is the open standard for runtime security.

sysdig OSS >
sysdig OSS

sysdig OSS is the standard for cloud and container forensics.

Open Policy Agent >
Open Policy Agent

The Open Policy Agent is an open source policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across the stack.

Prometheus >

Prometheus is an open source project for monitoring cloud-native applications & Kubernetes.

Cloud Custodian >
Cloud Custodian

Cloud Custodian is an open-source rules engine for cloud configuration management.

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