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Prometheus Got Out of Hand, Discover What Bloomreach Did Next!


Managing open-source Prometheus can quickly get out of hand. As they scaled with Thanos for long-term storage, Bloomreach had a decision to make. The burden of maintaining the open-source project was too much and they didn’t have the capacity to build around Prometheus. As a result, the cloud-based commerce experience company began looking for an observability tool.

In this webinar, Matteo Giusto, Senior Engineering Manager at Bloomreach, a commerce experience cloud, sits down with Harry Perks, Principal Product Manager at Sysdig, to discuss the challenges Matteo’s team ran into with open-source Prometheus for monitoring their Kubernetes environments on AWS –including information overload and reliability issues.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • The pros and cons of build versus buy and the tipping point when Bloomreach decided they needed an observability partner.
  • How to replace self-managed Prometheus with a SaaS-based monitoring solution, and not miss out on the best of Prometheus like PromQL and Prometheus metrics.
  • How to leverage monitoring solutions to troubleshoot and optimize your infrastructure and apps.
  • Modernization strategies that gave Bloomreach better visibility while keeping costs in check.
  • The operational efficiencies that enable SREs to focus on building new software, not maintaining observability tools.

Don’t miss this live webinar with Matteo and Harry as they unpack what you should think about when managing Prometheus and why Bloomreach ultimately selected Sysdig after looking at the well-known observability providers.

Matteo Giusto, Senior Engineering Mgr. & Bloomreach
Harry Perks, Principal Product Mgr. & Sysdig