On-Demand Webinar

Protecting Against Log4j Attacks in AWS Fargate


The Log4j vulnerability, although trivial to exploit, affects many systems across cloud environments. If you’ve adopted serverless frameworks like AWS Fargate, visibility into the underlying infrastructure is limited. How do you ensure you are protected against Log4j?

Join us for a live demo of a Log4j attack on a Fargate task and how to detect it in real-time! We’ll share best practices around detection and mitigation of the log4j vulnerability running in serverless environments, including how to:

  • Implement runtime security for Fargate on Amazon ECS to detect a log4j compromise
  • Scan AWS Fargate containers and provide vulnerability reports tied to the associated CVEs
  • Have an incident response plan that includes capturing a detailed audit trail even after the task is gone


  • Alba Ferri, Security Product Marketing, Sysdig