On-Demand Webinar

Reduce Alerts and False Positives - Monitor Golden Signals using Sysdig


In recent years, monitoring modern distributed systems has become a huge topic of discussion. We have seen distributed systems evolve over time, spanning across multiple environments, networks, and most importantly the cloud-native architecture aka microservices and Kubernetes. Monitoring and alerting using the large array of metrics generated from various endpoints can itself be overwhelming. In this deminar, we will cover why golden signals are important for modern distributed systems, how to monitor and set up alerts for Kubernetes applications using Sysdig.

We will walk through:

  • The 4 key golden signals to monitor any Kubernetes application (aka LETS – Latency, Errors, Traffic, and Saturation)
  • How to monitor these golden signals using OOTB dashboards and how to customize them for specific needs
  • Best practices on setting up alerts


  • Balaji Thirunavukkarasu, Sales Engineer, Sysdig