On-Demand Webinar

Shift Cloud Security Left and Right with CNAPP, Powered by Runtime Insights


To increase profitability in today’s business landscape, cloud-native applications deploy code on a continuous basis. However, conventional security methods are ill-suited for these environments as they operate independently and lack the ability to exchange information. Additionally, they rely on periodic rather than continuous measures. To address these challenges, it’s crucial to modernize your perspective and adopt a CNAPP platform that offers a comprehensive approach to securing the cloud.

Learn how to keep your security and DevOps teams shipping more secure applications by shifting security left and shielding right. Understand why real-time cloud detection and response across workloads, cloud services, and identities provides a fundamental CNAPP pillar to stop attacks and prevent breaches. Powered by runtime insights, learn how you will be able to enable faster detection and response to threats, streamline security operations, and leverage a mainstream approach to address the unique security challenges posed in the cloud.

So, if you’re looking to secure your cloud-native environment, consider “CNAPP-ening” and join us to learn about Sysdig’s CNAPP powered by Runtime and its newly released CDR features improving security workflows.

Discover how to:

  • Stop cloud breaches with real-time, end-to-end threat detection across the entire cloud fabric of workloads, services, and identities
  • Apply agentless streaming detection for cloud logs to detect threats on hybrid and multi-cloud, supply chain, identity providers, and 3rd party apps 
  • Protect against identity attacks such as MFA fatigue and account takeover (ATO) with Okta detections 
  • Quickly identify and eradicate threats by unveiling events on live infrastructure and the attack journey from user to process, including process lineage, container and host data, and impact. 
  • Centrally manage risk with curated, dynamic dashboards and MITRE matrix that spotlights events in the cloud fabric

Nigel Douglas, Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Matt Kim, Product Marketing Manager