On-Demand Webinar

Troubleshoot Kubernetes in A Snap with Sysdig Monitor Advisor


Running containerized workloads with Kubernetes is a great way to improve application availability, horizontal scaling, and faster deployment. However, Kubernetes environments are way more complex and more difficult to troubleshoot than bare-metal servers or VMs. In addition to our industry-leading Kubernetes troubleshooting capabilities, Sysdig Monitor is making it even easier to find important details about your clusters, namespaces, and deployments with a new feature called Advisor. This incredible new feature can help you lower your MTTR by highlighting problem areas more quickly and in context.

In this webinar, you will learn how Advisor can quickly show you some of the most important information you need to solve difficult Kubernetes problems including:

  • Resource usage of your cluster, namespace, workload, or pod
  • Information about CPU throttling and out-of-memory kills
  • Areas in your environment that are experiencing Crashloopbackoff or pods pending errors
  • Alerts that have triggered for a specific environment
  • Important events you should be aware of


Aaron Newcomb, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig
Harry Perks, Principal Product Manager, Sysdig