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Accelerate Threat Detection Across Clouds and Containers

Staying on top of misconfigurations, suspicious activity and threats across multiple clouds is difficult. Amid all the alerts, which ones actually pose a threat? How can you quickly and efficiently investigate threats with the many siloed container and cloud tools? It’s time for a fresh approach to unify container and cloud security. Take advantage of an open-standards approach that is radically simple to run and scale.


5 Keys to a Secure DevOps Workflow on AWS

Reduce your risk from cloud misconfigurations, continuously scan for cloud and container vulnerabilities, detect abnormal activity, and prioritize threats to ensure your applications are secure across their entire life cycle. These five key workflows will enable you to cover the most critical security and visibility requirements so you can confidently and securely run containers, Kubernetes, and cloud operations in AWS.


Continuous Cloud Security Checklist for AWS

Tackling unique cloud security risks requires a continuous and automated approach. Our Continuous Cloud Security checklist outlines how organizations can manage cloud security risk on AWS.