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CIS compliance for Azure

Sysdig performs threat detection for Microsoft Azure by analyzing this log data against a rich set of security rules based on open-source Falco.


Sysdig JumpStart

Sysdig Jumpstart is a services offering to get your on-premises Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform installed and configured. Sysdig Professional Services works with your team to effectively utilize Sysdig and implement as part of your secure DevOps workflow.

On-Demand Webinar

Manage Excessive Permissions and Entitlements in AWS

Organizations often grant overly permissive privileges to users and services that are often unused. This level of access exposes you, enabling adversaries to hack into the cloud and perform malicious activity.


Prometheus 2.35 – What’s new?

Prometheus 2.35 was released last month, focusing on a better integration with cloud providers. It also improved the service discovery,…