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Less Spooky Containers with Top Security Best Practices

A well-crafted container avoids using excessive privileges, shipping unused packages, leaking credentials, and will expose a minimal attack surface. By removing known risks in advance, you’ll reduce security management and operational overhead; however, not everything can be known and prevented in advance.

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Securing Google Cloud and Containers

With teams under pressure to accelerate the delivery of applications in the cloud, it can be easy to overlook security. Join Sysdig and Google as we discuss ways to ensure visibility, security, and compliance in a dynamic, constantly changing cloud environment.

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Align Your Cloud Security Plan with the Cybersecurity Exec Order

Global security breaches and the White House Executive Order (EO) have sped up the timeline to modernize cybersecurity for both the public and private sectors. The way applications are developed and deployed (in the cloud and on containers), means taking a look at cloud security, Zero Trust architectures, and regulatory compliance in order to meet the mandates, keep moving ahead of the hackers and reduce risk.

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Kubernetes Monitoring Best Practices

Kubernetes is the most widely adopted container orchestrator; however, insufficient visibility can compromise performance and availability. Join us as we dig into the most common challenges of Kubernetes monitoring and how to solve them.