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Shifting Security Further Left with IaC Security

Modern DevOps teams are adopting GitOps principles: provisioning workloads using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools and managing policies as code using open source tools like Open Policy Agent (OPA)


Container Security From Code To Runtime

Snyk and Sysdig bring together developer security and runtime security tools to bridge developer, DevOps, and SecOps silos. Pairing early detection and vulnerability management with accurate runtime threat protection, Sysdig and Snyk help teams ensure container protection from code to runtime.


Sysdig Platform for IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxONE

IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxONE are designed to prevent security threats and protect data across a hybrid cloud environment with certified multitenant workload isolation as well as transparent, pervasive encryption with optimized performance. The Sysdig Platform helps build a security‑focused, Kubernetes‑based foundation for developing, deploying, and managing applications in containerized and cloud environments.

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How Does Your Kubernetes Environment Stack Up?

Companies around the world know Sysdig for our deep, granular Kubernetes insights, troubleshooting capabilities, as well as cloud and Kubernetes security solutions. But did you know Sysdig is fully Prometheus compatible?

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SANS – FIND, FOCUS, and FIX the Cloud Threats that Matter Solutions Forum

FIND, FOCUS, and FIX the Cloud Threats that Matter: Accenture, AWS, Expel, Snyk, and Sysdig join SANS to share insights. As you move to the cloud, your security teams often feel a loss of control in this new world. Traditional tools and processes don’t work and visibility is fragmented, even more so across multi-cloud infrastructure.