Sysdig Secure leverages OPA to strengthen cloud and Kubernetes security with out-of-the-box policies as code.

Sysdig Secure Extends OPA

Sysdig Secure leverages OPA to enforce consistent policies across multiple infrastructure-as-code (IaC) sources (Terraform, Helm, Kustomize) and Kubernetes clusters, using a policy-as-code approach.

Apply Policy as Code

Leverage OPA and apply policy-as-code controls across your Kubernetes workloads.

Enforce Compliance and Governance

Automate compliance and governance across the application life cycle by applying out-of-the-box policies.

Shift Security Further Left

Scan IaC source files before deployment to prevent runtime security issues.

What is OPA?

OPA is an open-source policy engine that unifies policy enforcement for cloud-native environments. Sysdig Secure uses OPA to manage compliance and governance with policy as code.

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