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2020 Container Security Snapshot

Vulnerabilities and risky configurations inside container images highlight the need for secure DevOps. Containers and Kubernetes are being used heavily by DevOps teams deploying cloud applications. But it’s important to know what’s inside containers to manage risk effectively. Click to learn more.


Need to Extend Prometheus Monitoring?

Dynamic, container-based environments can be a challenge for monitoring cloud-native applications. While Prometheus is gaining rapid developer adoption as the open-source monitoring standard, scaling beyond a few clusters can be challenging. Click to learn more.


2019 Container Usage Snapshot

Container Usage Snapshot. We’ve collected insights from real-time, real-world usage of over 2 million running containers to shed light on the current state of infrastructure, applications, security, and compliance practices. Click to learn more.


Securing Kubernetes in Production. Are You Ready?

As Kubernetes scales up, security is the #1 challenge facing DevOps. Learn why organizations are moving to a secure DevOps workflow and how you can start your journey. Click to learn more.


IDC Business Value Snapshot: Sysdig

Sysdig customers are realizing significant value by leveraging the Sysdig Cloud-Native Visibility and Security Platform to improve their Kubernetes and container monitoring and security operations. Click to learn more.


2018 Docker Usage Report

How are containers being used in the real world? What are the applications most used, and how long do containers live? Is Kubernetes really the top orchestrator? Check out this infographic that showcases the data from our 2018 Docker Usage Report for a glimpse into what  Sysdig customers are doing in production.