On-Demand Webinar

Cloud Attacks Are Here: Threat Actors Like Containers Too!

Cloud adoption is the trend of the decade, and threat actors are tailoring their methods to this new attack surface. Cryptojacking is the most prevalent type of cloud attack due to the low risk and high reward for the perpetrator. But even newer technology like containers is being used for evil as attackers plant unpleasant surprises in public repositories, exposing your business to potential supply chain compromise.

Join us to learn about what Sysdig’s Threat Research Team is seeing out there and what you can do to protect yourself. They will discuss their individual thoughts on these questions:

  • What types of attacks are popular in the cloud and why?
  • How cryptojacking works and how to avoid becoming a victim?
  • What is hiding in malicious Docker images and how to protect yourself?

Michael Isbitski, Director of CyberSecurity Strategy
Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership
Michael Clark, Director of Threat Research