On-Demand Webinar

So Many Metrics, So Little Time:
5 Prometheus Exporter Best Practices

If you are using Prometheus exporters to gather information from third-party applications and cloud services, it can sometimes feel like the wild west. There are many exporters to choose from and they have to be configured and maintained correctly to make sure you are getting the most value out of them. In this webinar, we will share five best practices to implement when choosing and deploying Prometheus exporters, dashboards and alerts that will apply not just to a single DevOps team, but to your extended teams and entire environment as well.

Join us to discover why these five best practices are so important:

  • Find the right Prometheus exporter
  • Understand your exporter metrics
  • Set alerts that matter and are actionable
  • Enable your team to use your data (or not)
  • Have a plan for scale


  • Aaron Newcomb, Product Marketing Director, Sysdig
  • Carlos Arilla Navarro, Technical Marketing Engineer, Sysdig