On-Demand Webinar

Image Scanning on Azure


Do you want to ensure images are free of vulnerabilities and meet best practices before pushing to production? Image scanning refers to the process of analyzing the contents and the build process of a container image in order to detect security issues, vulnerabilities, or bad practices. Participants will learn how Sysdig Secure can identify vulnerabilities pre-production and at runtime.

Join us as we showcase how you can:

  • Automate CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins, Gitlab, or Azure Pipelines amongst others) and registry scanning (Azure Container registry etc) without images leaving your environment
  • Block vulnerabilities (official OS packages, configs, 3rd party libs, Secrets/tokens etc) pre-production and monitor for new CVEs at runtime for containers and hosts
  • Map critical vulnerabilities back to an application and dev team
  • Detect vulnerabilities and risky configurations with out-of-the-box Dockerfile best practices