On-Demand Webinar

Scaling Prometheus Monitoring,
the No-Hacks Way

Getting visibility into containers and Kubernetes is hard. The environment is dynamic, as most containers live less than five minutes. Developers are adopting Prometheus as an open standard for monitoring, but scaling is challenging. 

Join us for a real-world perspective on monitoring cloud application health and performance. Plus, be the first to hear about new ways to scale Prometheus monitoring and see a demo.

You’ll hear:

  • Best practices and new capabilities for monitoring cloud applications at scale 
  • Straight talk based on experience scaling Prometheus-compatible monitoring
  • Ways DevOps pros are monitoring performance, capacity and security
  • Tips for efficient troubleshooting in containerized applications


  • Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform
  • Payal Chakravarty,  VP Product Management, Sysdig
  • Janet Matsuda, CMO, Sysdig