On-Demand Webinar

Secure Containers and Eliminate Noise from Code to Production with Sysdig and Snyk


Drowning in noise from container security alerts? To silence this problem, developer, DevOps, and SecOps teams need a strategy that will bridge the gap between code development, platform operations, and security controls. The goal is to be secure without affecting speed-to-market.

Snyk and Sysdig are helping developers and security teams pinpoint must-fix open source and container vulnerabilities in development while effectively protecting workloads in production. Implementing a continuous feedback loop using runtime intelligence helps you save time by focusing remediation efforts on packages executed at runtime.

Sysdig and Snyk will discuss and demo ways to:

  • Detect and fix vulnerable open source dependencies during coding
  • Quickly address vulnerabilities by upgrading to recommended, secure base images
  • Automate runtime threat detection and alerting across containers and Kubernetes
  • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in container packages used at runtime to eliminate noise


  • Jim Armstrong, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Snyk
  • Eric Carter, Director, Product Marketing, Sysdig