On-Demand Webinar

Ship Apps Faster on AWS with
Unified Visibility and Security

Top performing DevOps teams automate more functions as part of their tool chain, including monitoring and security. With unified visibility and security across AWS tools and services, you can accelerate application delivery. Hear how teams are implementing a secure DevOps workflow to ship apps faster and confidently run them in production.

Learn how you can:

  • Automatically scan for vulnerabilities directly in AWS ECR
  • Detect threats based on syscall data, EKS audit logs and AWS CloudTrail with the open-source Falco engine
  • Scale Prometheus monitoring for services including Fargate and Lambda
  • Continuously validate compliance against PCI, NIST, CIS, etc.
  • Conduct incident response and forensics for ECS and EKS workloads


  • Jonah Jones, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Pawan Shankar, Product Marketing Director, Sysdig