On-Demand Webinar

Simplifying the Prometheus Experience

Prometheus is the second most popular cloud native project and is used by DevOps teams to monitor cloud native workloads. It’s clear that companies want to standardize on this open source platform. However, as the number of Prometheus servers grows, maintaining scale and operations to support servers, exporters, queries, dashboards, and alerts becomes a burden. SREs and developers need an easy-to-use Prometheus monitoring solution that integrates into DevOps workflows without breaking open source standards.

Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Spend less time on maintaining infrastructure, and more time improving business critical applications?
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with a managed service built on open standards rather than proprietary query languages and ingestion technologies?
  • Offload compliance burdens with a SaaS offering that’s already SOC II certified?

In this webinar, we’ll focus on how enterprises can simplify and accelerate their adoption of Prometheus monitoring without leaving the investment in open source behind.


  • Aaron Newcomb, Product Marketing Director, Sysdig
  • Harry Perks, Product Manager, Sysdig