On-Demand Webinar

Take the CKS Exam: Hands-on with Walid Shaari

There are questions on every exam that hold the highest weight and are the most challenging to solve. It’s no different for the exam to become a Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist. Join this hands-on keyboard session where Walid Shaari breaks down the six “killer” test problems and shares how to solve them. Specifically, he will cover:

  • Cluster insecurity remediation using Kube-bench
  • Secure your supply chain with ImagePolicyWebhooks and Trivy
  • Code and containers run-time security and threat phase detection using Falco
  • Audit Policy in action: identify misconfigured, misbehaved or compromised platform
  • Protect multi-tenant workloads with gVisor runtime sandboxing
  • Minimize microservice vulnerabilities with Open Policy Agent


  • Walid Shaari, CKS Specialist & OSS/Cloud-native advocate