On-Demand Webinar

The Five Kubernetes Monitoring Must-Haves

Monitoring Kubernetes infrastructure and workloads is a critical part of managing modern application environments for DevOps teams. Given the dynamic nature of these environments, the ability to see deep level metrics with Kubernetes context enables faster troubleshooting and better performance tuning. The ability to get this information quickly and easily could give companies the edge they need over their competition. In this webinar, we will identify the five key capabilities you should look for in a Kubernetes monitoring system and why they are critical for success.

Join us to discover why these five capabilities are so important:

  • Deep system call level visibility
  • Ability to inspect Kubernetes control plane
  • Historical view of changing infrastructure
  • Correlation of metrics/events
  • Out of the box dashboards and alerts


  • Aaron Newcomb, Product Marketing Director, Sysdig
  • Jorge Salamero Sanz, Director of Technical Marketing, Sysdig