End-to-End Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Across VMs, containers, cloud services, identity and 3rd party apps!

A comprehensive approach to Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Harness Unique Intelligence from Production Environments

Leverage the power of runtime insights to protect your hybrid cloud universe.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cloud Threat Detection and Response
Why Cloud-Native Application Protection needs Runtime Insights

Security In the Cloud, For the Cloud

Traditional endpoint security approaches are no longer enough to address today’s advanced cloud threats. Sysdig’s Cloud Detection & Response (CDR) solution uses machine learning and managed policies based on open-source Falco to detect attack patterns across your containers, Kubernetes and cloud. All monitored and curated by a threat research team.

Comprehensively secure runtime

Strengthen your defenses against attacks. Protect workloads against runtime threats like malware, zero-day exploits, container escape, and lateral movement. Detect in real time malicious process, file, network and user activity. Respond with automated actions and detailed forensics.


“We use Sysdig to identify and alert us to suspicious activity and misconfigurations, and more generally workloads that may cause a security risk”

Security Engineer, BlaBlaCar

277 Days

Average time to identify and contain a data breach
Source: IBM Cost of Data Breach, 2022

Leverage the power of machine learning

Get high-fidelity threat detection and insights into cloud attacks. Block crypto-miners with 99% precision using machine-learning based detections. Sysdig uses deep visibility into containers at runtime to quickly collect data, learn behaviors, and detect and respond to anomalies in real time.

Keep up with advanced threats

Your cloud resources are increasingly attractive to threat actors like cryptominers and botnets. Sysdig stops common and emerging threats in cloud and container environments, such as backdoors and C&C in compromised images, and cryptojacking.

Stop cloud attacks up to



Security Engineer, BlaBlaCar

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