Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor

Combine deep container metrics, rich Kubernetes & Docker monitoring, and enterprise-grade Prometheus monitoring for better application visibility, alerting, and troubleshooting than you’ve ever had before.

Why Sysdig Monitor?

Sysdig Monitor helps you accelerate the development, deployment, and operation of reliable and secure, cloud-native software running on Kubernetes and containers.

Sysdig Monitor

Enterprise-grade Prometheus

Collect, correlate and query Prometheus metrics with enterprise-class data management, scale and support. Sysdig delivers unparalleled Prometheus monitoring and troubleshooting in large Kubernetes, cloud and container environments.

12 Ways Sysdig Makes Prometheus Monitoring Enterprise Ready

Full Stack data analysis

Full stack data analysis

Full Stack Data Analysis

See and query response times, application performance metrics, Prometheus and custom metrics, container, server and network metrics, with orchestrator metrics and events. Get it all in one place from one instrumentation point per host.

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Nicolas Kramer

With Sysdig, Quby gets complete visibility into the performance, health, and security of their new cloud infrastructure and container applications.

Sysdig Monitor


It’s like htop for your entire infrastructure. Group data by host and container, or use metadata from Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and AWS to view everything by microservice. Drill down into pre-built views to quickly see important metrics.

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Sysdig Monitor


Build full-stack dashboards to visualize your applications, microservices, containers, networks, Prometheus metrics and more. Easily correlate metrics with Docker events, CI/CD events, code commits and Kubernetes events.

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Sysdig Monitor

Adaptive Alerting

Set fine-grained alerts to know instantly if there’s a problem

Build alerts across namespaces, clusters, labels, metrics or any tag. Alert per-container, per-host or the entire environment. Send notifications to PagerDuty, Slack, VictorOps, email, or just about anywhere via webhooks. Even trigger system captures to record all activity for offline troubleshooting.

Branden Makana

Sysdig really made metrics easy. From a development perspective we don’t have to do any work, just drop the agent in and go.

Sysdig Inspect

In-depth Troubleshooting

See root cause even after containers are long gone

Other systems stop at the chart. We go deeper. Trigger captures of system calls for offline troubleshooting. Get deep views per process, container, connection …even down to payload.

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Sysdig Monitor


Isolate and secure data and dashboards by team, user, customer or environment without resorting to isolated infrastructure. Provide explicit access to containers, namespaces, services, hosts and more.

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Custom Metrics




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We’ve got you covered.

Sysdig gives you the deployment flexibility you need for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Sysdig Monitor


Use our software-as-a-service offering to simplify your operations and reduce your overhead. Add Sysdig agents to servers anywhere; and store data in our service.

Sysdig Monitor

On-Premises Software

The preferred choice for enterprises with security or regulator requirements around data — deploy the Sysdig backend on your servers in your private cloud, AWS, or anywhere else.

Better together.

Combine Sysdig Monitor with Sysdig Secure to get complete visibility with container security. A single agent and intuitive user interface gives you the power to do more without slowing down your team.