Sysdig Monitor

Kubernetes and cloud monitoring with a managed Prometheus service.

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Radically Simplified Monitoring

Sysdig Monitor makes it easy to find detailed information about your Kubernetes environment. Bonus: We are fully Prometheus compatible!


See all Kubernetes details in one place and troubleshoot Kubernetes errors up to 10x faster.


Prometheus made simple with a managed service. Scale quickly with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and integrations.

Optimize Cloud Native Application Costs

Reduce wasted spending by 40% on average and save with low-cost custom metrics.

Sysdig Monitor Features

Faster Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Kubernetes errors faster with a prioritized list of issues, pod details, live logs, and remediation steps.

Our managed Prometheus service saves time! Use our scalable data store, automatic service discovery, and assisted integration deployment. Keep your PromQL and Grafana dashboards.

Dashboards are available out of the box and you can customize any dashboard easily. Alerts are highly configurable and ready to integrate into your alert management system.

See detailed utilization of your Kubernetes resources to eliminate wasteful spending. Cut costs with our affordable custom metrics and quickly see where those metrics are coming from.

How It Works

Sysdig Monitor collects metrics about your environment; we then correlate and enrich those metrics so you get application availability, performance, and fast problem resolution.

Based on
Open Standards

Sysdig grew out of open source, and we are a big supporter of open standards. Open standards like Falco and Prometheus benefit users by providing a consistent approach to solving problems while avoiding vendor lock-in.

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