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Instant insight with quick-start templates and custom dashboards, including PromQL for ultimate metric visibility.

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Why Sysdig Monitor for Dashboards?

Keep your most important application, container, and Kubernetes metrics front-and-center. Easily identify trends, anomalies, and compliance across your microservices. Save time and effort with an immediate read-out of the health and performance.

Sysdig Monitor Dashboards Features

Dashboard Templates

Quick-Start Dashboard Templates

Sysdig Monitor provides out-of-the-box dashboards designed to provide best-practice views of modern applications and infrastructure. You can immediately gain visibility into application health when monitoring Kubernetes and cloud services. Then you can make a copy of the template and customize it with just the right data, labels, and colors to help you visualize your environment effectively.

Sysdig Monitor Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Easily create your own custom dashboards with our simple-to-use forms or PromQL queries. Choose from a wide range of visualization options including topology maps, graphs, and tables to showcase the metrics, events, and data that matter most to you.

Sysdig Monitor PromQL

PromQL support

Using Prometheus Query Language (PromQL), you can build dashboards by performing complex mathematical operations and statistical analysis with autocompletion and syntax highlighting. Dig deeper into the health and performance of your infrastructure by using advanced functions and operators. You can also combine a PromQL-based graph with a form-based graph on the same dashboard allowing team members with different skill sets to collaborate.

Sysdig Monitor - PromQL
Sysdig Monitor Dashboard Sharing

Dashboard Sharing

Built an awesome dashboard? Sysdig Monitor makes it easy to share your dashboards with other team members, different teams, or even publicly as read-only via URL. By using the built-in support for Sysdig Teams, RBAC, LDAP, and SSO in Sysdig Monitor, access can be enforced down to the metric level.

Sysdig Monitor Dashboards Time Shifting

Time Shifting

Need to compare what was happening last week with what is happening right now? Easily look back in time a few minutes, last week, last year, or anywhere in between. Just click our time-shift feature at the bottom of your dashboard.

Sysdig Monitor Dashboard Event Overlays

Event Overlays

Contextualize metrics and understand the “why” faster with a unified view of both metrics and events. You can configure Event Overlay to display events from Kubernetes such as deployments and node failures, as well as alert events, security violations, and custom events ingested using Sysdig’s open REST API.

Branden Makana

“Let’s say the CFO is having some questions about our infrastructure. We can bring up Sysdig and show our dashboards.”

Juan Morales, DevOps Engineer, Quby

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