Kubernetes Monitoring

Gain deep visibility into Kubernetes health and performance.

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Sysdig Monitor is Built for Kubernetes

Inspect every aspect of your Kubernetes clusters, from capacity to control plane, in order to see what is really happening and avoid potential problems. If anything goes wrong, Advisor shows you a prioritized list of issues you need to take care of now, with curated remediation steps and live logs to help troubleshoot each issue fast. Our detailed dashboards and alerts are ready to go right out -of -the -box, so you can start optimizing your environment instantly.

Kubernetes Monitoring Use Cases

Troubleshooting Kubernetes Errors

Advisor makes it quick and easy to troubleshoot difficult issues such as Crash Loop Back Offs, pod evictions, resource allocation, and limits.

See the current status of your Kubernetes clusters and where you might be over-allocated or underutilized. Take the guesswork out of your planning process.

Easily identify which workloads are running at any given point in time and which deployments are having problems so you can focus on the areas that need attention.

View your workloads with an eye on the requests and limits you have set in your environment. Set alerts so that you know when you might need to make changes to avoid slowdowns and performance issues.

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