Cost Optimization

Predictable cost analysis and savings estimates for Kubernetes.

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Reduce Wasted Spending by 40% on Average

Sysdig Monitor shows you where you have wasted resources, how much you are spending on those environments, and the amount of potential savings you could get if you rightsize those environments to a more reasonable level. This information can be scoped to the cluster, namespace, or workload level for easy segmentation. Customizable alerts help teams stay ahead of runaway Kubernetes costs.

Cost Optimization Use Cases

See Kubernetes costs in context

See stack-ranked estimated cost savings opportunities based on actual utilization of clusters, namespaces, and workloads. Receive alerts for unusual spending growth to get ahead of unplanned costs.

Easily identify areas in your Kubernetes environments where there is room to add more pods or move workloads to smaller instances to reduce costs.

Export detailed spending data to include in your chargeback model. Visualize cost data for teams to improve awareness of infrastructure expenses.

Receive dynamic recommendations to optimize Kubernetes requests based on historical utilization to improve efficiency.

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