Snyk and Sysdig:
Container security from code to runtime

Snyk and Sysdig bridge developers, DevOps, and SecOps, eliminating up to 95 percent of vulnerability noise.

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Less noise. Faster response. Less risk.

The Snyk and Sysdig partnership brings together the preferred platforms for developer and runtime security to reduce vulnerability overload, ship Kubernetes apps faster, and secure production.

Snyk and Sysdig deliver the broadest security coverage for cloud-native application development and delivery while helping teams reduce noise and risk. The industry-first integration of Sysdig Secure and Snyk Container enables security and development teams to prioritize and address security issues based on their exploitability and business impact.

Build secure from the start

Begin securing containers as early as design in the Kubernetes developer IDE, automate the selection of up-to-date, secure base images, and identify issues to fix during coding.

Protect against runtime threats

Detect runtime threats and anomalies across containers, Kubernetes, and cloud, automate alerting and response, and capture detailed activity records for forensics.

Prioritize security alerts that matter

Identify packages loaded at runtime to prioritize vulnerabilities to fix first, eliminating the noise of typical container vulnerability scans.

Container Security with Sysdig and Snyk

Security across the container lifecycle

Sysdig’s unique container visibility and threat protection and Snyk’s developer-first tooling pair accurate runtime threat protection with early detection and vulnerability management.

Snyk and Sysdig cover every aspect of the container and Kubernetes lifecycle – from securing images to detecting and prioritizing vulnerabilities and real-time threats in running workloads.

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Checklist: Container Security from Code to Runtime

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Secure Containers and Eliminate Noise from Code to Production with Sysdig and Snyk

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Teaming up with Sysdig to deliver developer AND runtime Kubernetes security

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