Vulnerability Management

Full Life-Cycle
Agentless & Runtime
Vulnerability Management

Get the best of both worlds with agent and agentless scanning. Find and prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited at runtime. Simplify setup and scanning using an agentless approach to find vulnerabilities across your cloud environment.

Vulnerability Management In-Use Pyramid

Scan, Prioritize, and Fix Critical Vulnerabilities Fast

Get the best of both worlds. Simplify setup and maintenance with agentless host scanning for vulnerabilities. Save time and reduce noise by prioritizing vulnerabilities using runtime intelligence with an agent.

  • Reduce Noise and Boost Productivity

    Filter 95% of the noise and make it easy for developers to fix the most critical packages.

  • Simplify Your Toolkit

    Deploy and scan in seconds with a consolidated agent plus agentless solution.

  • Secure the Entire Life Cycle

    Secure your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline from source to run.

Uncover Hidden Risks on the Attack Path

The Sysdig cloud attack graph powered by runtime insights helps uncover the connections between in-use vulnerabilities, permissions, and real-time events to reveal the greatest risks.

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Shine Light on What’s Most Critical

Stop drowning in an ocean of vulnerability tasks. The Sysdig risk spotlight powered by runtime insights identifies in-use packages with the highest risks and helps you prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities to fix first.

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Simplify Operations with Agentless Scanning

A frictionless setup allows you to start scanning for vulnerabilities in your cloud environment immediately. Gain better visibility into your cloud security posture, compliance violations, and highest risk items in seconds.

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Arm SecOps and
Empower DevOps

Risk Spotlight Prioritization

Eliminate up to 95% of noise by prioritizing vulnerabilities tied to active packages. Improve developer productivity by identifying which packages to fix.

Scan hosts, any continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline (Jenkins, Bamboo), or any Docker v2-compatible registry. Adopt inline scanning to maintain control of images and only ship scanned results to Sysdig.

Map vulnerabilities back to applications or development teams using container and Kubernetes contexts. Be precise about vulnerability risks, with rich details (Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) vector, score) and insights from feeds (VulnDB).

Set up agentless scanning and get an assessment in seconds to catch OS and non-OS vulnerabilities. Find misconfigurations, credential exposures, and bad security practices in a single solution when combined with posture management.

Save Time and Get Real-Time Insights

Spend less time prioritizing vulnerabilities and get real-time insights on in-use packages and risks. Only Sysdig offers:

Runtime Insights


Find and fix your most critical vulnerabilities. Sysdig runtime insights provides real-time insights on in-use packages and risk.

CSPM Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

Spend less time on setup with agentless scanning and filter out the noise and prioritize the most critical runtime vulnerabilities using an agent.

Cloud Attack Graph

Cloud Attack Graph

Connect the dots between in-use vulnerabilities, packages, and real-time detection to uncover hidden attack paths and risks.

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