Vulnerability Management

Prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities using runtime context. Automate CI/CD pipeline and registry scanning and block vulnerabilities before production.

Securing the cloud requires CNAPP powered by runtime insights

Vulnerability Management for Containers and Hosts

Scan for vulnerabilities using container image scanning tools like Sysdig Secure. Reduce vulnerability noise up to 95% using runtime intelligence.

CI/CD Security Scanning

Detect OS and non-OS vulnerabilities early by embedding container scanning before production.


Save time and money by consolidating host and container image scanning into a single workflow. Deploy and scan in seconds.

Boost Developer Productivity

Speed remediation by giving developers a package-centric view of vulnerabilities. Quickly take action by knowing the worst packages and what fix or upgrade to apply.


"If my team logs in and sees 500 vulnerabilities, they then think, ‘Am I going to fix our vulnerability, or am I going to spend my time developing something that creates some money?’ Sysdig shows us what is important and how to fix it, which is key to reducing our risk, so we don't waste our time.”

Lead DevSecOps Cloud Security Architect, Worldpay
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Life-Cycle Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Prioritization

Eliminate up to 95% of noise by prioritizing vulnerabilities tied to active packages. Improve developer productivity by identifying which packages to fix.

Scan within any CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins, Bamboo) or any Docker v2 registry. Adopt in-line scanning to maintain control of images and only ship scanned results to Sysdig.

Map vulnerabilities back to applications or development teams using container and K8s contexts. Be precise about vulnerability risks, with rich details (CVSS vector, score) and insights from feeds (VulnDB).

Scan for vulnerabilities in seconds and get a comprehensive vulnerability assessment. Catch OS and non-OS vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, credential exposures, and bad security practices.

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