Cloud Detection & Response (CDR)

Secure your cloud in real time with Sysdig

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats at cloud speed

Only EDR
Sysdig CDR

EDR isn't fast or accurate enough

Cloud attacks
happen FA555T

You need true cloud detection and response

Legacy approaches are too slow for hybrid and muticloud environments

Siloed data from EDR and XDR tooling dramatically slows investigations, delaying response times and weakening overall security posture.

Analysts lack the context they need to make sense of cloud threats

Legacy tools provide fragmented, unfiltered, and incomplete data feeds, leaving analysts bouncing between UIs and unable to understand and effectively prioritize threats.

Teams don’t have a good way to share key information in the cloud

Security and platform teams lack common tooling and processes, which can delay or block the collaboration both teams need to build stronger security posture.

With Sysdig, you no longer have to choose between speed and precision

Detect known and unknown threats across your cloud estate in real time

Sysdig’s CDR accelerates cloud-native detection, investigation, and response for even the most complex threats, known and unknown, across hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Respond to threats faster with rich cloud-native context

True cloud-native context — with real-time correlation across events, vulnerabilities, and identities — empowers analysts to respond to events with confidence, speed, and surgical precision.

Communicate feedback and knowledge easily between teams, all the time

Sysdig unifies cloud security in one platform, enabling teams to exchange a constant cycle of cloud hardening.

Redefining cloud detection and response

Real-time threat detection

Sysdig’s customizable detection rules are built on the industry-leading Falco engine, delivering real-time detection across Linux and Windows servers, containers and Kubernetes, cloud logs and trails, and Serverless (FaaS).

Accelerated cloud investigations

Sysdig cuts incident analysis time to 5 minutes by providing rich, automated context for events and a complete view of the entire attack kill chain.

Automated threat response

Respond faster than threats can act in clouds or containers with flexible, automated response options.

For SOC 2 compliance, we need vulnerability scanning, audit logging, and runtime security. Sysdig provides these features out of the box.

Senior DevOps Engineer at a data notebook company

Fig 1

Real-time cloud security, powered by Falco, accelerates industry-leading detection, investigation, and response for true cloud-native protection.

After comparing our manual solutions with the cost of Sysdig for one year, we chose Sysdig - and are happy we did. Now, one tool can achieve what previously required six tools, resulting in saving exceeding Sysdig costs.

Senior Cloud Security and DevOps Engineer at a Healthcare IT Organization

Saving Time, Saving the Day

How a data notebook company shut down attacks with Sysdig

After a large spike in users, one data notebook company sought out Sysdig to prevent an equal spike in cryptomining attacks.

Why Sysdig? They were impressed by Sysdig’s ability to visualize and map threats, and by the effectiveness of our detection rules.

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Reduction in time spent addressing malicious activity


Cryptomining exploits blocked per day


Increase in user signups while simultaneously improving security

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Sysdig delivers business value for security

See how Sysdig can reduce incident costs through enhanced investigation

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