Sysdig Monitor 3.0 Adds Enterprise-Grade Prometheus Monitoring and Enhances its Rich Kubernetes and Docker Support.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018


Company continues to embrace open source technologies by bringing the power and scale of the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform to enterprise Prometheus users and further simplifies Kubernetes operations.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. September 26, 2018Sysdig, Inc. the cloud-native intelligence company, today announced Sysdig Monitor 3.0. Sysdig Monitor 3.0 is an industry-first in delivering enterprise-grade Prometheus monitoring. In addition, the new release further cements Sysdig as the leader in Kubernetes® monitoring and Docker monitoring for enterprises with the introduction of universal Kubernetes support, cluster management dashboards, and StatefulSet metrics, as well as Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) capabilities and Grafana integration. Enterprises that adopt the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform run more reliable and secure containers and microservices. To further invest in this strong product momentum, Sysdig announced its series D funding round of $68.5 million earlier this month.

More information regarding this release is available on the Sysdig blog.

As enterprises move toward modern infrastructure to support digital transformation initiatives, visibility into the performance of dynamic, distributed microservices becomes a significant challenge. Successful monitoring of business-critical applications and infrastructure based on cloud-native solutions like Kubernetes and Docker requires a new approach. Enterprises in early-phase Kubernetes projects often use open source Prometheus to research the performance of their applications on this new platform. As these organizations transition to full-scale production, there are additional requirements for broader telemetry and event data, long-term data retention, high availability, and access control. Sysdig delivers these capabilities to help enterprises deliver efficient, secure applications at enterprise scale and accelerate time-to-value with Prometheus.

I’m engaged with a massive digital transformation project within the UK government. We knew up front that we needed a monitoring solution designed for containers and Kubernetes. After trialing other products in this space, we found Sysdig best suited to our needs. We’re now heavily using Prometheus metrics, but also rely on a whole range of other data that Sysdig provides to help us identify what’s happening across our environment of hundreds of nodes and growing,” said Jay Keshur, director of Appvia Ltd. “Sysdig has proven to be the most effective way to deliver Kubernetes monitoring and security to developer and operations teams. With Sysdig Monitor 3.0, we have a platform that continues to evolve and grow with us.

Delivering Enterprise-grade Prometheus

“We love Prometheus and the tremendous monitoring value it adds, which is why we have started to contribute to the open source project in addition to providing Prometheus capabilities for enterprise customers,” said Loris Degioanni, chief technology officer and founder of Sysdig. “Sysdig has embraced Prometheus to provide users with another source of rich data alongside our existing kernel instrumentation. With Sysdig Monitor 3.0, enterprise customers see the whole picture and can resolve issues more quickly. ”

Enterprise-grade Prometheus with Sysdig Monitor 3.0 focuses on five key areas:

  • Scale: Provides a horizontally scalable distributed system platform that handles tens of millions of metrics per second with cross-cluster aggregation to keep pace with large, complex environments.
  • Scope: Collects, analyzes, and correlates Prometheus metrics with granular metrics and events for system processes, applications, cloud platforms, networks, orchestrators, and customer metrics like StatsD and Java TM Management Extensions (JMX), with advanced visualizations like topology maps.
  • Simplicity: Reduces complexity with a turn-key solution that eliminates the headaches of managing multiple isolated monitoring systems and services.
  • Security: Isolates services and data without resorting to isolated infrastructure, protecting and simplifying control with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication, role-based access control (RBAC), single sign-on (SSO), and Sysdig Teams for fine-grained service-based access control.
  • Support: Extends technical support and services to enterprise Prometheus users to resolve issues faster.

Key Features of Monitor 3.0

Sysdig Monitor is the only enterprise monitoring solution to offer PromQL for metric queries that extend beyond Prometheus metrics. DevOps can now calculate advanced metrics with Prometheus and any other collected application, system, and custom metric like JMX or StatsD using PromQL to meet the unique monitoring needs of their enterprise.

Grafana Plugin
The new Grafana plugin lets users choose to utilize the open source Grafana visualization and dashboarding solution popular with Prometheus users to view Sysdig-hosted time series metrics.

New Kubernetes Metrics and Dashboards

Support for StatefulSet metrics and default dashboards enhances Kubernetes performance monitoring for users that deploy stateful applications such as databases – streamlining problem identification and resolution. New cluster state, master health, and capacity management dashboards increase operational efficiency, helping cluster operators ensure the health of their orchestration system.

Universal Kubernetes Support
Sysdig extends the value of Sysdig Monitor to all popular Kubernetes packages, including Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Kubernetes Service (PKS), Kubernetes with Mesosphere DC/OS, Kubernetes with Docker 2.0, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and Azure Container Service (AKS).

Embracing Open Source Technology

Sysdig launched in 2013 with its open source monitoring technology, sysdig, and later with the Sysdig open source security project, Sysdig Falco. This release further reinforces the commitment to the open source movement by providing the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform to open source Prometheus users and extending its adoption to enterprise customers.


Sysdig Monitor 3.0 will be rolled out to all Sysdig customers in this coming quarter and it will be demoed for the first time at AWS re:INVENT in November.


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