Sysdig & Sysdig Inspect.

Open Source System Capturing & Analysis.

What It Does

Powerful troubleshooting with kernel level observability.

Troubleshoot system, application, and container issues through Sysdig's unique kernel level instrumentation. Discover areas of system contention, or low level system errors with ease.

Fine grained system performance down to the nanosecond.

Analyze system and application trends down to the nanosecond. An intuitive UI helps find potential performance hot spots. Zoom in on potential hot spots for deeper level context and analysis.

System level observability for comprehensive forensics.

Drill into captures for post incident forensics. Get deep observability into executed commands, file system activity, network activity, and more.

A powerful open source tool for container troubleshooting, performance tuning, and security investigation.

Sysdig provides deep system level capturing & and real time analysis to provide insight into application performance. Sysdig Inspect is an intuitive tool for Sysdig capture analysis that gives insight into potential problem areas.


Performance Analysis


Key Features

System Call Visualization

Investigate issues through an intuitive UI to Identify issues from metrics and events captured by Sysdig.

Easy Drill-downs

Information tiles give insight into common problem areas and make deeper insights a click away.

Simplified Troubleshooting

Designed to accelerate performance analysis, Sysdig Inspect reduces time-to-resolution for container and cloud issues.

Activity Correlation

Compare activity across categories to determine correlates events and likely culprits for problems.

Streamlined forensics

Easily drill into views for process activity, file system activity, network activity and more for detailed forensics.

Downloads & Resources

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Jump over to our GitHub repositories to contribute to Sysdig or Sysdig Inspect.

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Get started with our Installation Guides.

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Visit our wiki where you can find information about Sysdig, csysdig, and their APIs.

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Archived Webinar

Container Forensics & Troubleshooting with Sysdig Inspect.

Join us for a 1 hour use-case driven training session on container forensics, postmortem analysis and error troubleshooting with the…

- Hosted by Jorge Salamero Sanz, Technical Marketing Manager, Sysdig

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A guide to PCI Compliance in containers.

In this document we'll review PCI compliance initiatives, how containers change your PCI compliance lifecycle, and how Sysdig allows you…

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