Secure DevOps for Serverless Computing

Secure and monitor serverless workloads across cloud environments.

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Confidently Run Serverless Workloads

Serverless computing frees you to focus on applications instead of infrastructure. Poor visibility, however, can leave you blind to threats. Plus, short-lived tasks can be hard to secure. With Sysdig, you get deep, real-time visibility to confidently run workloads with serverless solutions like AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Run.


Security based
on open-source

Reduce risk and accelerate innovation by adopting an open standards-based approach to serverless security.

Visibility for cloud and containers

Deep visibility across
cloud and containers

Speed insight with granular visibility into containers, applications, networks, clouds, and file activity.

Continuous cloud security

Unified view of security
posture and performance

Identify vulnerabilities, suspicious activity, and misconfigurations, and view performance data based on Prometheus.

Deep Visibility Across Your Serverless Workloads

Serverless image scanning

Automatically scan AWS Fargate container images directly in ECR by listening for task start events. Scan Google Cloud Run serverless containers via GCR and Artifact Registry integration.

Serverless runtime security

Detect and rapidly respond to runtime threats to serverless workloads using out-of-the-box policies based on open-source Falco.

Serverless security posture management

Manage Fargate security posture by identifying misconfigurations and suspicious cloud activity. Proactively address risk and compliance violations.

Serverless compliance
and audit

Capture detailed audit trails for serverless activity. Record commands, network connections, and file activity. Correlate events with rich context from the cloud and Kubernetes.

Serverless monitoring with full Prometheus compatibility

Monitor serverless services, including AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Run. View data on performance, health, and availability to save time and make better-informed decisions.

Serverless incident response
and forensics

Analyze the impact of any security breach in your serverless environment with deep forensics captures. Correlate system, user, and container activity to quickly determine root cause.

Serverless Integrations

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