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Monitoring as a Microservice


Launch day. For an entrepreneur, this is always an exciting day. But this time I’m particularly excited. I’m excited because...

Q&A with Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS


We recently sat down with Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, to pick his brain on our favorite topic: containers. Here...

The Container Ecosystem Project


The ecosystem of awesome new technologies emerging around containers and microservices can be a little overwhelming, to say the least....

Sysdig Announces Enterprise-grade Software for Container Monitoring

press releases

San Francisco, CA -June 21, 2016 – Today, Sysdig announces the availability of container monitoring software designed for enterprises to...

A universal Slack event router


It’s no secret that more and more teams nowadays live on Slack. Discussions, internal and external events, application notifications are...

Sending little bobby tables to detention


Little Bobby Tables shows us why it’s a good idea to sanitize your database inputs to avoid SQL injection attacks:...

Monitoring Kubernetes (part 4): Docker + Kubernetes at WayBlazer – A use case


This article is part of our series on operating and monitoring Kubernetes in production. Part 1 covered the basics of...

Sysdig Monitor fall 2016 release


Since our last release notes, Sysdig team has been working hard and summer season hasn’t slowed the release of awesome...

Sysdig surpasses 1M downloads


I’m proud to announce today that sysdig, the open source linux system visibility tool, has surpassed a million downloads(). I...

Introducing Sysdig Teams: Service-based access control for simpler and more secure Kubernetes & Docker monitoring


Like everyone these days, DevOps teams and developers are deluged with data. Making sense of it all is increasingly hard,...

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