Sysdig partners.

Sysdig has robust and thriving partnerships that ensure the combined experience of the world's foremost experts on Cloud, Kubernetes, and Containers is entirely at your fingertips.

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Our partnership approach

Technology first

We insist that all of our partnerships are built on a rich technical foundation. That shared technology foundation ensures we can deliver on your requirements.

Service capabilities

Good technology isn't enough. Our partners can help you through every phase of design, delivery, and operations for cloud-native infrastructure.

Flexible go-to-market

Sysdig is available through cloud marketplaces, resell relationships, and managed services, giving you flexibility in how you obtain and use our solutions.

Digging in to our partnership program.

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Cloud partners

Sysdig provides deep technology and service integrations with all of the major cloud providers.

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Tech partners

Sysdig has combined its offerings with the other major technologies of the cloud-native landscape.

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Channel partners

We have partnered with a broad range of system integrators, managed service providers, and specialized consulting agencies to ensure you can get the service you need.

Active Sysdig partners

Channel Partners

Cloud Partners

Technology Partners

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Interested in becoming a Sysdig partner?

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Archived Webinar

Container Forensics & Troubleshooting with Sysdig Inspect.

Join us for a 1 hour use-case driven training session on container forensics, postmortem analysis and error troubleshooting with the…

- Hosted by Jorge Salamero Sanz, Technical Marketing Manager, Sysdig

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A guide to PCI Compliance in containers.

In this document we'll review PCI compliance initiatives, how containers change your PCI compliance lifecycle, and how Sysdig allows you…

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