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Amazon EKS monitoring and security with Sysdig

By on July 17, 2018

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) provides Kubernetes as a managed service on AWS. It helps make it easier to deploy, manage and scale containerized applications on Kubernetes. Sysdig cloud-native…

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How to Implement Open Source Container Security: Part 2 Docker Image Scanning

By on July 16, 2018

This is the second post in a two-part series on Open Source Container Security. The first post focused on open source container runtime security using Falco to build a response engine for…

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How to Implement Open Source Container Security: Part 1 Runtime Security

By on July 12, 2018

Container security is top-of-mind for any organization adopting Docker and Kubernetes, and this open source security guide is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to learn how to implement a complete…

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Kubernetes Run-time Security: Automate Sysdig Falco Deployment Using Helm Charts

By on July 5, 2018

So, you want to implement run-time security in your Kubernetes cluster? If you are looking for an open-source tool, obviously Sysdig Falco is the way to go :). You can install Falco…

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3 phases of Prometheus adoption

By on June 29, 2018

How to ensure visibility into your next-generation Kubernetes environment. Having assisted hundreds of enterprises in developing a new visibility strategy as they move to Kubernetes, I’ve learned a few things about how…

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Meet Keegan Riley, new Sysdig SVP Global Sales

By on June 27, 2018

I couldn’t be more excited to join the Sysdig family as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales. I’m humbled and honored to lead a team of incredibly talented sales professionals who are…

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Sysdig Monitor summer 2018 release

By on June 21, 2018

It’s the first day of summer and the perfect opportunity for our summer Sysdig Monitor release round up. For those of you following our progress, we use these blogs to showcase the…

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GKE security with Falco and Google Cloud Security Command Center

By on June 18, 2018

A few weeks ago, we announced Sysdig partnership with Google to integrate Sysdig Secure with Google Cloud Security Command Center, a single pane of glass for your security events in Google Cloud….

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Sysdig Secure 2.0 – adds vulnerability management, 200+ compliance checks, and security analytics

By on June 14, 2018

A little over 2 years ago we opensourced Sysdig Falco with the goal of providing a robust detection engine that the community could use to securely run containers in production. Since the…

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IBM & Sysdig collaborate on end-to-end cloud-native intelligence for IBM Cloud

By on June 13, 2018

We’re super excited today to announce at DockerCon 2018 our collaboration with IBM to support the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform in IBM Cloud. Sysdig solutions on IBM Cloud will enable developer teams…

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