Sysdig vs. Orca

Orca’s agentless-centered approach lacks the runtime visibility and context needed to identify and respond to threats fast. Learn why businesses looking for an end-to-end CNAPP choose Sysdig for depth of insights and breadth of coverage.

Why Sysdig Is a Better Choice Than Orca

Hardening and Prevention

Correlates assets, activity, and risks across domains. Prioritizes the most critical security risks by layering context from attack path analysis, real-time detections, and in-use vulnerable packages – all powered by runtime insights

Offers a clear but static representation of cloud resources and their compromise potential. With no awareness of active risk due to lack of broad runtime visibility, it’s unable to effectively prioritize.

Detection and Response

Detects and responds to threats in real time anywhere in the cloud with 360-degree visibility and correlation across workloads, identities, cloud services, and third-party applications.

Lacks proper instrumentation to inspect and analyze workloads, cloud events, identity utilization, etc. in real time. "Sidescanning" alone does not provide accurate and timely event visibility or correlation to initiate a response.


Consolidates security with an end-to-end detection approach combining drift control, machine learning, and Falco detections curated by the Sysdig Threat Research Team. Also, combines agent and agentless approaches to deliver deep coverage and ease-of-use setup and maintenance.

Orca's focus is limited to agentless scanning of cloud resources, which constrains their platform in depth and breadth of visibility. This makes it difficult for customers to dig into workloads and correlate across multiple security domains.

User Experience

Provides a seamless user experience and powerful generative AI natural language queries. Multi-domain correlation uncovers hidden attack paths in the riskiest combinations of vulnerabilities, configurations, entitlements, and runtime.

UI is polished and user-friendly, although a refined interface is not a substitute for underdeveloped or missing capabilities.

Open vs Proprietary

Powered by Falco, a CNCF graduated project and the open source solution for cloud threat detection.

Closed source, proprietary solution that limits user customization and requires blind trust from customers.

Why Companies Choose Sysdig

Powered by runtime insights, Sysdig stops threats instantly and reduces vulnerabilities by up to 95%. We created Falco, the open source solution for cloud threat detection, and apply runtime insights to help you focus on the vulnerabilities and threats that matter most. Prevent, detect, and respond to threats at cloud speed with Sysdig.

  • Real-Time Detection

    Detect threats in real time, rather than seeing them in the rearview mirror. Stop attacks up to 10x faster with Sysdig.

  • End-to-End Coverage

    Consolidate security with a platform that provides end-to-end coverage, delivering breadth and depth.

  • Risk Prioritization with Runtime Insights

    Know what’s running in production across cloud and containers so dev and security teams can focus on the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, permissions, and threats that matter most.

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