Sysdig vs. Wiz

Learn why businesses searching for a consolidated cloud security platform choose Sysdig to deliver the depth and breadth of coverage to scale their security programs.

Why Sysdig Is a Better Choice Than Wiz

Hardening and Prevention

Automatically prioritizes the most critical security risks by layering context from attack path analysis, real-time detections, and in-use vulnerable packages – all powered by runtime insights.

Highlights risky combinations of misconfigurations, permissions, and vulnerabilities within its UI, but lacks runtime context to prioritize risk.

Detection and Response

Detects and responds to threats in real time anywhere in the cloud with 360-degree visibility and correlation across workloads, identities, cloud services, and third-party applications. Scales environments to 100k+ nodes with purpose-built agents.

Provides primitive real-time detection for containers and Kubernetes and offers limited scope and performance.


Consolidates security with an end-to-end detection approach combining drift control, ML, and Falco detections, curated by the Sysdig Threat Research Team. It combines agent and agentless for best-in-class detection.

Lacks multi-layered detection that combines breadth and depth. Without tried and tested real-time visibility, it can’t stop zero day or unknown threats.

User Experience

Provides a seamless user experience and powerful generative AI natural language queries. Multi-domain correlation uncovers hidden attack paths in the riskiest combinations of vulnerabilities, configurations, entitlements, and runtime.

Oversimplifies its UI and constrains the user experience with inflexible workflows. Overly focuses on CXOs, and not security practitioners.

Open vs. Proprietary

Powered by Falco, a CNCF graduated project and the open source solution for cloud threat detection.

Wiz is a closed proprietary solution with no control or customization options available to its customers.

Why Companies Choose Sysdig

Powered by runtime insights, Sysdig stops threats instantly and reduces vulnerabilities by up to 95%. Built on Falco, the open source solution for cloud threat detection, runtime insights identifies and prioritizes the vulnerabilities and threats that matter most. With Sysdig, you can prevent, detect, and respond to threats at cloud speed.

  • Real Time

    Detect threats in real time, rather than seeing them in the rearview mirror. Stop attacks up to 10x faster with Sysdig.

  • End-to-End Detection

    Consolidate security with a platform that provides end-to-end coverage, delivering breadth and depth.

  • Risk Prioritization with Runtime Insights

    Know what’s running in production across cloud and containers, so development and security teams can focus on the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, permissions, and threats that matter most.

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