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We are on a mission to make every cloud deployment secure and reliable. Innovators everywhere rely on our products and the open source projects we support.

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Open Source is in Our DNA

Sysdig pioneered cloud-native threat detection and response by creating Falco and Sysdig open source as open standards and key building blocks of our platform.
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Sysdig open source

The cloud-native standard for digital forensics, incident response (DFIR) and troubleshooting.

Falco open source

The cloud-native standard for threat and anomaly detection, created by Sysdig and contributed to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

A catalog of curated Prometheus monitoring integrations with configuration, documentation and user support provided by Sysdig.


I really like that Sysdig is so active with open source. Sysdig has open source projects for both security and monitoring. Then there is an enterprise version that fits nicely once you progress through the open source tools. Being a good community member and driver is important to me.

Principal Container Platform Engineer

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We’ve come so far


Sysdig launches!

Loris Degioanni, co-creator of Wireshark founds Sysdig


Sysdig open source release

Sysdig open source launches as a Linux visibility tool


Sysdig Monitor initial release

Sysdig Monitor is the first container-native monitoring service


Falco open source launch

Sysdig releases Falco, the open source Kubernetes runtime security project


Sysdig Secure introduction

Sysdig launches Sysdig Secure for container security


Prometheus monitoring announcement

Sysdig Monitor delivers enterprise-grade Prometheus monitoring


Falco contributed to CNCF®

Sysdig contributes Falco to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®)


eBPF instrumentation release

eBPF instrumentation is introduced for Falco as Sysdig achieves more than 10 million open source downloads


Falco moves to incubation

Falco is accepted as a CNCF® incubation-level hosted project


Apolicy acquisition

Sysdig acquires Apolicy, an infrastructure as code security company


Wireshark sponsorship

Sysdig becomes the primary sponsor of Wireshark and welcomes Gerald Combs to the team

What We Value

About - Love Our Customers

Love Our Customers

We build enduring relationships by knowing our customers needs and doing all that we can to invest in their success.
About - Trust In the Team

Trust in the Team

We believe that strong teams are built through candid, transparent and respectful conversations with clear accountability.
About - Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

This is not about just working harder, it's about being comfortable with bold goals, bringing your passion to work everyday and persevering until the goal is accomplished.
About - Leadership

Leadership at Sysdig

Our unique culture energizes our leadership team in our mission to tackle the challenge of making every cloud deployment secure and reliable. Our success is driven by loving our customers, digging deeper and trusting in the team.

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No matter where you are in your journey, we are here to help you understand and defend your cloud and container environment.

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