Container and Kubernetes Security

Deploy and run applications securely. Native Kubernetes integration and DevOps friendly.

Runtime Insights are Key to Shift-Left Security
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Securely Run Containers and Kubernetes

Manage vulnerabilities, configurations, and compliance risks. Detect and respond to threats in containers and Kubernetes

Container Security

Reduce risk with image scanning integrated into CI/CD pipelines and runtime. Secure runtime with out-of-the-box managed policies based on Falco and ML. Know what happened and why with an audit trail.

Kubernetes Security

Block risky images and fix configuration and permissions. Detect malicious Kubernetes API activity. Apply consistent policies with OPA.


Validate CIS Benchmarks and compliance (PCI, NIST, SOC2) for container and Kubernetes environments. Automate compliance and governance with OPA policies.

From shift left to shield right, security at cloud speed

Kubernetes Live

Unify all of the Sysdig security related features of an individual object (ie. Cluster, Namespace, Workload). Accelerate responding to an individual event, image vulnerability, or posture within a Kubernetes cluster.

Prevent vulnerabilities, secrets, and misconfigurations in images in CI/CD pipelines and registries and scan hosts. Flag new CVEs immediately and automatically prioritize using runtime contexts.

Secure runtime using out-of-the-box managed policies based on Falco and ML. Detect and respond fast to threats, vulnerability exploits, and malicious activities in containers, and Kubernetes.

Improve your security posture and pass audits with compliance standard controls (PCI, NIST, SOC2) for container environments, mapped out of the box. Enforce compliance consistently using OPA.

Automatically kill malicious containers or processes to block attacks. Audit users, commands, files, and net activity to know what happened. Conduct forensics on containers even after they’re long gone.

SaaS-First Platform Integrated Into Your DevOps Workflow

Sysdig Secure

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