Runtime Insights are Required in the Cloud

To secure innovation in the cloud, you need runtime insights to prioritize the most critical risks and stay ahead of evolving threats.


Shift Left the Right Way

Runtime insights help prioritize the most critical security issues by focusing on what’s in use. Leverage context such as in-use vulnerabilities and in-use permissions to address the most exploitable risks immediately and reduce alert fatigue.


I’m saving an hour and a half per vulnerability by not having to investigate when the package is not in use.

Security Architect, Beekeeper

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Shield Right in Real Time

Runtime insights help you detect and respond to threats in real time. Correlate activity across containers, cloud services, servers, and identities to reveal active lateral movement. End-to-end detection combines drift control, machine learning, and Falco detections to combat the most advanced threats.


Sysdig enables us to quickly detect and respond to cloud attacks at cloud speed by knowing what is happening, the exact container or location in the cloud, and what is causing it, versus the hours it used to take to detect and understand what needs to be done.

Platform Tech Team Lead, Fuel50

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Runtime Insights
are Built on Falco

Cloud-Native, Real-time Protection, and Open Source

Falco is the open source runtime security solution for real-time detection of threats and anomalies across containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services.

Through deep visibility of your entire cloud-native infrastructure, Falco enables cloud-native application protection platforms (CNAPP) with end-to-end detection and powers Sysdig’s prioritization based on in-use packages.

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Consolidate in a Single CNAPP

Security teams need an integrated tool that provides continuous visibility of your entire environment. Sysdig’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) uses runtime insights to stop attacks across the application life cycle.

Vulnerability Management

Reduce vulnerabilities by up to 95% and boost developer productivity with actionable runtime insights through visibility into critical in-use packages.

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Close permissions gaps in minutes by focusing on what’s in use. Grant least privilege access with a single click.

Dig deeper

Prioritize and remediate misconfigurations at cloud speed. Uncover hidden attack paths and generate a list of all your riskiest findings to harden your defenses.

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Stop cloud breaches in real time. Detect threats in seconds and combat advanced attacks with multidomain correlation.

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Eliminate Blind Spots with Real-time Visibility

Ditch the snapshot approach for detection. Level up your visibility with real-time streaming detection utilizing data and logs across multiple domains within your cloud infrastructure.

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