Permissions & Entitlement Management

Gain visibility into cloud identities and manage permissions with a CIEM tool like Sysdig Secure.

Securing the cloud requires CNAPP powered by runtime insights

Cloud Identity and Permissions Management

Identify inactive users and identities with excessive permissions. Optimize access policies to grant just enough privileges.

Identify Cloud Identities

Get a comprehensive view into access permissions across AWS accounts, and services including serverless functions.

Enforce Least Privilege

Apply the principle of least privilege (PoLP) and eliminate excessive permissions.

Simplify Audit Reviews

Meet specific identity and access management requirements for standards including PCI, SOC2, FedRamp, and ISO 27001.

“With the Sysdig Visibility and Security Platform, our government partners will gain insight and control as they move to adopt modern, cloud-native approaches.”

– American not-for-profit venture capital firm

CIEM Security

Permissions Management

Instantly see cloud identities with overprivileged access.

Identify the just-enough privileges required to perform necessary tasks.

Regularly perform access reviews. Meet identity and access management requirements for standards like PCI, SOC2, NIST, ISO, etc.

Prioritize what matters using risk labels (multifactor authentication, inactive user, admin access) that automatically map to identity and access management violations.

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