Permissions & Entitlement Management

Optimize Identities and Access in the Cloud

90% of granted cloud permissions are not used. Eliminate these excessive entitlements using recommended access policies based on in-use permissions. Gain visibility into cloud identities and enforce least privilege in minutes with cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM).

CIEM User Pyramid

Address Excessive Permissions Risks in Minutes

Identify inactive users and identities with excessive permissions. Optimize access policies to grant just enough privileges.

  • Comprehensive Visibility

    Prioritize risk with a view of in-use permissions across AWS and GCP users and services.

  • Enforce Least Privilege

    Right-size permissions with automatically generated policies.

  • Simplify Compliance

    Meet specific identity and access management requirements for standards including PCI, SOC 2, NIST, ISO 27001, and more.

It’s critical for us to understand where we have overly permissive identities, and due to the scale, we need an automated way to manage them. Trying to abide by the principle of least privilege, eliminating excessive permissions is a top security priority.”
Senior Product Manager,

Harden Cloud Security Posture with CIEM

Inadequate identity and access management (IAM) is one of the most common causes of security failure. Sysdig’s CIEM uses runtime insights to optimize permissions for overprivileged users.


Effortlessly identify and manage cloud identities with excessive entitlements.

Analyze access patterns to identify unused permissions. Generate access policies to restrict privileges to precisely what users need to perform their jobs effectively.

Regularly perform access reviews to evaluate user permissions. Meet IAM requirements for standards such as PCI, SOC 2, NIST, and ISO.

Automatically map IAM violations with risk labels (multifactor authentication, inactive user, administrative access).

In-Use Permissions

Find and fix roles with overprivileged access. Analyze access patterns to provide insights about in-use permissions based on observed behavior.

Risk Prioritization

Spotlight the most significant risks using runtime insights. Prioritize what matters with context such as in-use permissions and vulnerabilities and other runtime events.

Cloud Attack Graph

Connect the dots between in-use vulnerabilities, permissions, and real-time detection to uncover hidden attack paths and risks.

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