Sysdig Sage:
A Revolutionary AI Cloud Security Assistant

A revolutionary new approach to cloud security, unleashed through the power of generative AI. Stop attacks faster and work smarter.

Sysdig Sage

Reimagine Cloud Security with GenAI

Deploys Multistep Reasoning

Sysdig Sage uses multistep reasoning to get into the mindset of security pros, where there are multiple approaches to finding a solution or cause. Using an iterative process, Sysdig Sage explores multiple investigative steps before providing the most plausible answer.


Sysdig Sage breaks down knowledge silos across vulnerabilities, compliance violations, runtime events, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) security, each with numerous data sources and its own formats and semantics. It uses multidomain correlation to connect the dots between these domains into a cohesive story.

Takes Action

Sysdig Sage is able to discern risk, prioritize events, and make decisions fast. It makes suggestions on further queries, actions, and next steps, and is able to take action directly. For example, it can help you patch vulnerabilities, guide you through the user interface, create a threat detection rule, and more.

Harnesses Falco Community Knowledge

Sysdig Sage has been trained on and understands open source Falco threat detection rules and syntax out of the box. Using natural language, you can create and tune Falco rules to your specific environment, helping you detect and stop attacks earlier.

Connect Dots Along Hidden Attack Paths
at Cloud Speed

Respond at cloud speed by uncovering hidden risks and attack paths and by harnessing the collective intuition of human expertise and AI.

Uncover Uknowns


Sysdig Sage explores attack paths and hidden connections between seemingly low-risk events that in aggregate pose a greater risk. It prioritizes events and vulnerabilities automatically based on their exploitability at runtime.

Act Faster


Sysdig Sage speeds your investigation by correlating multiple data sets across vulnerabilities, compliance violations, runtime events, and CI/CD security. It reduces context switching by bringing all relevant data into chat to stop attacks faster and minimize impact.

Supercharge Skills


Whether you are an expert or not, gain cloud security expertise with the collective intuition of human security experts and AI. Tailor your experience based on your job and environment, and get proactive with your defenses using Sage to help with day-to-day tasks.

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