Our Customers Rely on Sysdig

for Container and Kubernetes Security and Visibility

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Scaling Prometheus Monitoring: IBM

Goldman Sachs discusses monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing containers in production.

Case Studies

SAP Concur

SAP Concur Delivers Secure, Compliant Solutions to More than 50M End Users Globally

Read how SAP Concur was able to save 10,000+ hours of time and grow its platform more than 20 times with Sysdig.

Yahoo Japan

Secure DevOps practices at Yahoo! Japan

Learn why Yahoo Japan chose Sysdig to secure their large Kubernetes deployment with 700+ clusters with 18K+ nodes and 160K+ containers.


LogDNA: Delivers Higher Uptime and Improved Customer Experience

Learn how the Sysdig Platform improved customer experience by reducing time to resolve performance issues and improve efficiency for compliance and audit processes on the AWS infrastructure.

JW PLayer

JW Player: Delivers Amazing Video Experiences on AWS to 1B+Users

Learn how the JW Player DevOps team was able to visualize service performance in its AWS environment with Sysdig and reduce its operational burden by 16%.


ATPCO: Using Sysdig to Monitor and Secure Travel Data Services on Red Hat OpenShift

Read how ATPCO pairs the Sysdig platform with the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in order to see the benefits of cloud-native faster, with less risk.

Pike 13

Pike13: Maximizes Application Uptime with Higher Efficiency on Amazon ECS

Read how Pike13 maximizes application uptime with higher efficiency on Amazon ECS.


“Sysdig didn’t just give me a view of my Docker containers, but gave me a view into my Docker containers. We could effectively see all the applications running inside the containers, and that makes Sysdig incredibly powerful.”

Branden Makana | Sr. Engineer, CDK

Customer Best Practices Webinars

Automating Container Visibility & Security to Accelerate Application Delivery

Ford gave their developers container visibility and security with Sysdig, thereby, accelerating application delivery.

Sysdig & LogDNA: Best Practices to Secure Containers and Accelerate Software Delivery

Hear LogDNA share why it chose the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform to monitor and secure its containers on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Deploy Faster by Automating Container Security, Monitoring and Compliance

Join us and Johan Barnhard from Dutch telco, KPN, to hear their experiences in ramping Kubernetes production workloads.

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