Sysdig is Built on Open Source

Open source is our heritage, from Wireshark to Falco, and is at the core of what we do.

The Future of Security is Open

In the cloud native era, secure and reliable infrastructure requires an open source approach. Sysdig contributes time, leadership, and code to key projects that make this possible, such as Falco and Prometheus.

We are committed to an open source foundation for cloud security, and the stability and broad ecosystem that it brings our customers.

  • Collaborative

    Security is a never-ending battle against expanding attacks and attack surfaces. Collaboration brings more expertise, scrutiny, and breadth than proprietary approaches.

  • Transparent

    Open source gives you code visibility, and influence over direction through participation. Even if you’re not auditing the code yourself, you benefit from cloud-scale contributors and talent.

  • Modern

    The cloud-native era has driven new approaches to operations and architecture, and security is no exception. Open source is the engine room of the modern software stack.

Committed to Open Source Communities

Sysdiggers actively participate in the open source community at large, helping define modern and secure software development. We are proud members of these organizations. We invite you to join us in helping them grow and thrive.