Open Source Journey

Founded as an open source company, Sysdig creates and consistently contributes to open source projects.

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Sysdig open source team works with the community to create high-quality code, and also to spread cloud-native technologies around the globe.



Donating our code to the CNCF means you can easily study and enhance it! Being committed to open source is what has made us who we are.

Faster Innovation

Faster Innovation

We are passionate, technical problem-solvers, and natural innovators. We love to share our insights with the community as they push us, help us grow, and make us better.

Open Source is in our DNA

Computer Phone Cup of coffee

Sysdig has been committed to Open Source since its inception and strongly believes the future of security is open. The core technologies behind our products have been available as Open Source software. We contribute from Sysdig Inc. of the kernel module, the eBPF probe, and the libraries to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. These components are the perfect foundation for tools in runtime security, troubleshooting, incident response, forensics, and many other areas.

Embracing Powerful Open Source Tools

From our projects - Falco and Sysdig oss - to community projects we've embraced, Sysdig contributes to the key projects you need to secure, monitor, and troubleshoot containers and cloud.

Falco Sidekick >
Falco Sidekick

A simple daemon for connecting Falco to your ecosystem.

Open Policy Agent >
Open Policy Agent

Powerful policy engine to unify policy enforcement in cloud-native environments.

Prometheus >

Open source system monitoring and alerting.

Helping Open Source Community Grow

Most of the Sysdiggers are part of the vibrant open source community and we like to see it grow! We keep on sharing our love for learning and teaching in many different ways and formats. From our comprehensive newsletter to our DevOps card game, as well as laying foundations for others to create great open source tools.

What’s new in Kubernetes?

Our popular series of blog posts bring you detailed coverage of the official K8s documentation. Stay up-to-date with the new features and deprecations of the most popular orchestration platform.

What's new in K8s
Cards against containers

Who says open source can’t be fun?

A card game for people who think they know something about Kubernetes, security, containers, DevOps or a combination of all of the above.

We Also Contribute



A prometheus exporter for AWS resources which could detect the resources based on tags



A powerful opensource interface for container troubleshooting and security investigation



A powerful opensource interface for container troubleshooting and security investigation

Slack + Sysdig

The Sysdig Open Source Community

Join our Slack team for open source users to discuss Sysdig's open source projects, get help, or learn from other end users.