Announcing Sysdig 0.1.102

By Gianluca Borello - JULY 31, 2015


Bug Fixes

  • Fix panic with some kernel versions
  • Fix compiling errors on arm architecture
  • Report execve args even if it fails
  • Minor bugfixes on csysdig

New and updated features

  • Support for decoding setns and flock syscall
  • Parse O_CLOEXEC flag on open and related syscalls
  • Parse CLONE_NEWUSER flag on clone
  • Support truncated tracefiles
  • Now sysdig can rotate tracing file when capturing, using -C, -e, -W, -G
  • Better extraction/filtering capabilities for event related to multiple file descriptors, like poll
  • Precompiled kernel modules for older coreos releases



Release details

Update instructions

Installation instructions

Source code


Community support is available on the sysdig mailing list.

Bugs and issues can be submitted through github.

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