Announcing Sysdig 0.1.93

By Gianluca Borello - DECEMBER 18, 2014

Bug Fixes
* Fixed memory leaks * Many minor bugfixes

New and Updated Features

  • -E/--exclude-users command line flag, to prevent importing user and group tables when the capture starts
  • Buffer rendering on screen is now limited to 80 bytes unless -v is used

New and Updated Chisels

  • Process name is printed in echo_fds header

New and Updated events

  • procexit now returns the thread exit code
  • sendfile
  • quotactl
  • setresuid
  • setresgid
  • setuid
  • setgid
  • getgid
  • getegid
  • getuid
  • geteuid


Release details

Update instructions

Installation instructions

Source code


Community support is available on the sysdig mailing list.

Bugs and issues can be submitted through github.