Announcing Sysdig-Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit

By Loris Degioanni - SEPTEMBER 12, 2016


Sysdig Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit I’m pleased to announce our first-ever community conference, taking place October 26th in San Francisco CA.

Another Container Conference? Why?

This is an important milestone for Sysdig and the container community at large. As docker and containerization has progressed from a developer tool to a tested platform for deploying applications in production, the demand for effective monitoring and troubleshooting of containers and their underlying operating systems is only increasing.

That’s why sysdig’s open source project has been a global hit; we help people understand what’s going on inside their containers at a depth previously impossible and with an ease of use necessary for hair-on-fire troubleshooting.

Unlike other conferences which give you a survey of a particular area (like orchestration or CI/CD), or hands-on conferences that give you a taste across the board, we wanted to approach this differently.

So this conference is about going deep. Going hands on. We’ll focus on troubleshooting and monitoring containers, and understanding linux performance in-depth. True to our roots we’re not just container junkies but also kernel hackers, and we want to share that goodness with you.

We expect you to be working alongside us at this event. You’ll be using your laptop in 50% or more of the sessions to do more than just take notes. You’ll be troubleshooting real issues, building analysis, and even creating container security enforcement rules that you can use.

Who’s speaking?

We’ve got a lot of great speakers, and more coming. BUT, first and foremost we’d like to hear about YOUR use case! Will you please do a 5 or 10 minute lightning talk about how you’ve used sysdig? Please contact us

In addition you can expect to work with:

  • Loris Degioanni, creator of sysdig and co-creator of wireshark
  • Brendan Gregg, Performance Architect at Netflix
  • Adam Leventhal, co-creator of dTrace
  • Gianluca Borello, Sysdig Guru and probably the human with the most hours troubleshooting with sysdig
  • Mark Stemm, Falco container security engineer
  • Luca Marturana, Sysdig developer

Stay tuned for more announced speakers!

Will you join us?

This is our first-ever event. We’ve decided to do it with no sponsors, no exhibitors… just YOU. We want the only focus here to be on you getting useful, actionable information.

Come join us! It will be worth your day. Register at

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