Dropping the mic: Sysdig and Kubernetes at KubeCon

By on January 12, 2016
We’ve been hard at work here at Sysdig building native monitoring and visibility support for Kubernetes. In earlier blog posts Gianluca Borello, a Sysdig core contributor, covered Digging Into and Troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments with Sysdig. Recently at KubeCon, Gianluca had the opportunity to present to a full house and demonstrate a live, in-depth exploration of an actual Kubernetes environment. It’s not too often that command line tool demos get spontaneous applause, so I’d have to say the audience seemed impressed :)

If you’re already a Kubernetes user, or just interested in learning how you might get more out of a Kubernetes environment with less effort, I’m confident you’ll find this 20 min video worthwhile:

If you like what you see, then go check out open source csysdig today for a native Kubernetes troubleshooting experience! And start your free 14 day trial of Sysdig Cloud and start monitoring what’s really going on in your distributed Kubernetes deployment.

Eager to learn more? Join our Sysdig Monitor Overview webinar

Join us for an introduction of Sysdig Monitor. In this session we will discuss and demo:

  • How to monitor services and apps built on top of containers.
  • The benefits of transparent instrumentation for metric collection.
  • Using dashboards to quickly see and share performance data.
  • How to quickly determine the what and the why of what’s happening in your environment.

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