Dropping the mic: Sysdig and Kubernetes at KubeCon

By Knox Anderson - JANUARY 12, 2016

We’ve been hard at work here at Sysdig building native monitoring and visibility support for Kubernetes. In earlier blog posts Gianluca Borello, a Sysdig core contributor, covered Digging Into and Troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments with Sysdig. Recently at KubeCon, Gianluca had the opportunity to present to a full house and demonstrate a live, in-depth exploration of an actual Kubernetes environment. It’s not too often that command line tool demos get spontaneous applause, so I’d have to say the audience seemed impressed :)

If you’re already a Kubernetes user, or just interested in learning how you might get more out of a Kubernetes environment with less effort, I’m confident you’ll find this 20 min video worthwhile:

If you like what you see, then go check out open source csysdig today for a native Kubernetes troubleshooting experience! And start your free 14 day trial of Sysdig Cloud and start monitoring what’s really going on in your distributed Kubernetes deployment.