Building on Sysdig’s Open Source Foundation

By Edd Wilder-James - MAY 16, 2022


I want to take this opportunity to say hello! Earlier today, Sysdig announced that I have joined Sysdig, as VP of Open Source Ecosystem. I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a fabulous opportunity to work in a domain vital to the future of cloud computing, container security. To do this on top of a significant open-source platform (Sysdig OSS, Falco) is what makes this such a great fit for me.

I am joining Sysdig from Google Cloud. In my time there as an open source leader, I’ve influenced significant open source projects such as Tensorflow, Kubernetes, and Istio, building an understanding of the dynamics of modern enterprise open source. Success depends on a well-balanced relationship between product, open source project, and the ecosystem of users and contributors. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to build a team who fostered that success over many projects.

Sysdig is a natural fit and exciting step for me to put this experience to work for a fast growing company built on open source. In the evolving cloud market, I expect to see many companies follow Sysdig’s lead in resourcing the open source ecosystem at the executive level. Today’s organizations need leaders who can blend business and technical knowledge with strategic open source expertise.

Open source is essential for the future of cloud security, providing a standards-based ecosystem that fosters transparency and interoperability for users. I’m privileged to be supporting a portfolio of successful projects, with a strong commitment to the CNCF, and very talented contributors across the industry. A thriving and sustainable open source future for Falco and Sysdig is vital for users, the Kubernetes ecosystem, and enterprise customers alike.

This week, I will be with the team at KubeCon EU. Please reach out to me if you want to meet up. I will be around, including at the Sysdig booth #P7!

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