First sysdig meetup declared great success – thanks everyone!

By Knox Anderson - DECEMBER 12, 2014


Thanks to those of you who joined us on Monday for our first ever sysdig meetup at Jut HQ in San Francisco! We had a terrific turnout and we loved meeting fellow members of the sysdig community in person. Of course, we’d like to have hosted the entire global sysdig community, but alas, we don’t have a matter transporter, so we thought we’d tell you about it here and share some slides and video.

** Also, there was such a positive response to this first meetup that we’ve already locked down a date for round two (agenda and location TBD): Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015. RSVP here to stay in the loop. If there’s something you’d like us to cover or if you’d like to come and talk to the group about your experience with sysdig, please let us know – we’re looking for speakers! And if you’re somewhere like Dubai or Australia, don’t worry, we’ll continue to blog about the sysdig meetups to keep you in the conversation (that is, until the matter transporter is in production).

** As for this week’s meetup, Loris Degioanni, our founder/CEO, started out by describing the journey that led to the creation and evolution of sysdig. He also dove into some of the architecture that powers sysdig under the hood. Here are the slides from that presentation, and video as well.

** We also have video from the three other presentations, although unfortunately the screen is pretty hard to read. Here they are though, if you want to check them out:

** Thanks again everyone! You can always reach us at [email protected], if you’d like more info on what we covered or if you have any other questions or feedback.

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